Ron Berry

Ron Berry, Author & Playwright

Born in the Rhondda Valley, Wales, Ron worked as a miner until the outbreak of the Second World War. He later attended Coleg Harlech, and subsequently began writing fiction. In his novels and short stories, he became the chronicler and elegist of a time and place, the Rhondda, where he mostly lived throughout his life and which has been so utterly changed in the latter half of the twentieth century.

His novel, So Long, Hector Bebb is one of the first books to be launched in the new Welsh Classics series from the Library of Wales. The series provides a vital contribution to literature in English from Wales and is part of the cultural heritage of Wales. It also provides access to work that has inspired many of today's favourite writers. The first five books in the series are available in bookshops in the UK from January 2006 and in the US from March 2006.

Autobiography: History is What You Live This Bygone General Interest: Peregrine Watching Collected Stories So Long, Hector Bebb
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