Ron Berry

Death Of A Dog

CHARACTERS Amos Jenkins - in his forties, with the slightly one shoulder forward stance of a man who has had a lung removed. Blodwyn Jenkins - wife to Amos. A lorn drab incapable of anger, her guile feckless, her innocence / ignorance proof against suffering crises. Sabrina Jenkins - their twenty year old daughter. A prettily ringleted, waxen featured, totally vacuous girl. Mr. Probert - next door neighbour. Welfare Nurse - who mixes duty with showing off her uniformed allure, her calendar oomph time long since past.

SETS (1) The Jenkins' untidy living room. (2) Two adjacent council house type gardens: Amos's and Mr. Probert's. In Amos's plot a jungle of tall nettles, the overhead clothes line sagging low. Mr. Probert has a geometric pattern of vegetables, strawberry bed and flowers, with a wooden cask serving as a dog kennel at the top end of the garden. The low dividing fence has a neat hole opposite the kennel, right of way for Prince to do his business in Amos's plot. (3) Side by side front doors and a stretch of pavement outside the houses of Amos and Mr. Probert.

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