Ron Berry

But Now They Are Fled

CHARACTERS Dai - a seventeen year old youth, handsome, long-haired, sensitive in a naturally gormless way, rather self corruptive, is inclined to cheat at chivalry and his advent into manhood. Dai wears cream coloured summer trousers, smart sandals, snazzy tee-shirt and he carries a sporty cardigan. Cissie - also seventeen, a pretty girl tarnished by incipient hysteria. She's too young to understand herself. She has a sling handbag. Her clothes are formally modern.

SETS High summer on a mountain top above a South Wales Valley, stark blue sky ringing with larks dotted black in the brightness. Occasionally a crow or raven tracks overhead, sheep graze here and there, otherwise the scene is totally exposed, treeless, a tumble-down stone built wall in the far distance. Grass hoppers churr in the grass. Beyond the boundary wall the declining landscape forms a wide saucer shaped bog, source of a gullied stream which makes thigh deep pools before tipping over the scoured rock lip of the mountain.

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