Ron Berry

Travelling Loaded

For Tosca and Brinley life was divided into two parts - work in the local steelworks in winter, and tramping the roads for the rest of the year, when they lived rough, picked up casual jobs and concocted crazy stories to entertain themselves and others. These two joyous characters weathered the vagaries of life with youthful zest.

In this story we are concerned with what happened on their last "tour" together, and with the women who became involved in their facile charm. For Tosca it was Hetty Castle, a rich neurotic who tried to separate him from his old carefree existence. It took three women to shape Brinley: inhibited Fay, unconventional Lal, and the strange Germaine Blight, who gave him a taste of the "civilised" life and tried to teach him the meaning of responsibility.

Published: W.H.Allen & Co.

Travelling Loaded
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